Microsoft improves Excel formula use

Microsoft improves Excel formula use and introduces new capabilities. Formulas are necessary for adding arithmetic to spreadsheets, but utilizing them in Microsoft Excel requires mastering a new skill set and can be time-consuming. With this most recent upgrade, Excel online users will benefit from some automation, but Microsoft has also improved the desktop versions with other new capabilities.

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So, how does Microsoft improves Excel formula use?

Microsoft improves Excel for the web, Windows, and Mac versions. They will all receive new functions in the just-delivered December 2022 update. The most important of these are optional autofill features for formula entry on websites.

Users who would often have to re-enter the same formula in numerous rows or columns can now auto-fill groups of cells using “Formula by Example.” Microsoft likens the function to Flash Fill, although it can replicate formulas rather than just plain text.

With Formula Suggestions engaged, web Excel automatically suggests SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MIN, or MAX formulas whenever users type a “=” sign based on context.

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For example: if the software notices a column called “Average” next to other columns containing numbers, it might automatically suggest a formula to average out the adjacent numbers.

The feature, currently only available in English, could save excel experts a little time or help casual users learn how to input formulas.

Are there more features coming soon to Excel?

Yes actually. Another feature Microsoft is rolling out is letting users know if links to cloud books are broken and suggesting new locations to fix the links. The company also has a search bar in the query area.

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