React Developer concepts

React Developer concepts you must know as a React Developer in 2023

Introduction to the React Developer concepts

So we have some React developer concepts you, as a React developer would be interested in.

We have created a list of pitfalls and ideas related to how state and effects operate in React. I am confident that you will learn something new today!

Is React easy?

React is an easy-to-use and learn front-end library. But there are some concepts that a developer should know to write performant and efficient code.

Deriving the State

Let us illustrate with an example. Assume you have a select element that contains the user ids of several users. A userId state variable is being used to monitor the specified user id.

import { useState } from "react"const users = [  { id: "1", name: "User One" },  { id: "2", name: "User Two" },  { id: "3", name: "User Three" },]function Users () {  const [userId, setUserId] = useState("1")    return(    <select value={userId} onChange={e => setUserId(}>      <option value="1">User One</option>      <option value="2">User Two</option>      <option value="3">User Three</option>    </select>  );}

You should additionally display the selected user on the screen. So, using the useEffect hook, you create another state variable named selectedUser and set it whenever the userId changes.

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Let us talk about another React Developer concept

Functions for cleaning up

The useEffect hook lets you to return a function that executes before the following render’s useEffect and also before unmounting the component. This method can be used to unsubscribe from events that the component no longer requires.

useEffect(() => {  button.addEventListener("click", listener)  return () => {    button.removeEventListener("click", listener)  }}, [])

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